Global perspectives from critical scholars.


Conference Chairs

The conference chairs are all under 40, and bring a few non-traditional ideas about conference management to the table!  


Jason von Meding
University of Newcastle, Australia (University of Florida, USA from January 2019)

Ksenia Chmutina
Loughborough University, UK

Emmanuel Raju
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Giuseppe Forino
University of Newcastle, Australia


Scientific & Practitioners Committee

We are priviliged to be supported by a global network of scholars and practitioners that will help to review submissions and ensure scientific rigour. 


Gonzalo Lizarralde
University of Montreal, Canada

Loan Pham
Vietnam Institute of Architecture, Vietnam

Rohit Jigyasu
Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Marla Petal
Save the Children

JC Gaillard
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Cristóbal Mena
National Emergency Office of Chile

Faten Kikano
University of Montreal, Canada

Camillo Boano
University College London, UK

Lucia Velotti
City University of New York, USA

Liz Brogden
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Kevin Blanchard
DRR Dynamics, UK

Samantha Montano
North Dakota State University, USA

Anthony Oliver-Smith
University of Florida, USA

Jo Rose
University of York, UK

Barefoot Bob
Independant DRR Consultant

Mahmood Fayazi
Sichuan University, China

Diana Contreras
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

Ali Asgary
York University, Canada

Alice Chang-Richards
University of Auckland, New Zealand

Lee Bosher
Loughborough University, UK

Sneha Krishnan
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Dewald van Niekerk
North-West University, South Africa

Joanne Jordan
University of Manchester, UK

Nuno Martins
University of Lisbon, Portugal

Sara Bonati
University of Florence, Italy



Local Oganizers 

The University of Florida people that will help to make i-Rec 2019 a reality!



* FIBER - Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience


Jason von Meding
FIBER and Rinker School of Construction Management

Laura Dedenbach
FIBER and College of Design, Construction and Planning

Anthony Oliver-Smith
Emeritus Professor of Anthropology



Dave Hulse
FIBER and Department of Landscape Architecture

Tim Murtha
FIBER, Department of Landscape Architecture and Center for Latin American Studies

Madeline Brown
FIBER and College of Design, Construction and Planning


Jeff Carney
FIBER and School of Architecture

Yan Wang
FIBER and Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Ryan Sharston
FIBER, School of Architecture and Rinker School of Construction Management