Jason von Meding, 2018.

Jason von Meding, 2018.

Photography Exhibition - ‘Perspectives of Disaster Risk’

Call for submissions

The conference organizing committee seeks entries for a photographic exhibition at the forthcoming i-Rec 2019 conference. Researchers and practitioners often compose photographs related to their work in disaster risk reduction and the exhibition will be a unique opportunity for us to showcase some of the most striking images generated by the i-Rec community. The aim of the conference is to ‘disrupt the status quo’ – a status quo exemplified by the typically emotive imagery used in the media that focuses on disasters as “events” and the resulting impacts. This exhibition will showcase high quality photographs that can highlight the often subtler deep rooted issues that lead to disasters – e.g. how disaster risk is created, the tensions between development and environmental fragility and the legacies of poorly conceived post-disaster reconstruction. The photographs might also capture the community solidarity and hope that is the essence of those challenging systemic injustice.

Selected photographs will be displayed at the i-Rec conference (either wall-hung on a hard board mount or electronically on a wall mounted TV screen).

What we want: We are looking for photographs that can illustrate how the creation of risk appears to have become inevitable within our current political, economic and societal systems. The copyright to the photographs must reside with the delegate that has submitted them; so typically this means you have taken the original photograph and not previously transferred rights of the image elsewhere. The photographs should align to one or more of the conference themes, summarized below and detailed here https://www.irec2019.org/conference-themes-overview/

A.     People

B.     Planet

C.    Prosperity

D.    Peace

E.     Partnership

What we don’t want: For this exhibition we are not looking for the types of highly emotive photographs of disaster affected people or buildings (in the immediate aftermath) that tend to be favored by the mainstream media. We are also conscious that if images of traumatized people are used, that it would be considered unethical to use such images unless informed consent has been received from the subjects of such images. Indeed, informed consent should be received for all images where people are portrayed.

Submission: The files required for the initial review can be submitted by filling out this template with your embedded image and accompanying 100-word narrative statement – email the template to irec2019@gmail.com with subject line “photography exhibition. You can also add a link to a high-resolution version of your photograph. The narrative that accompanies the photograph should maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of research participants as per research ethics (this is a particular issue if the narrative accompanies a photo of a research participant where they are visible). Each participant can submit up to 3 photographs (each with a brief title and an accompanying 100-word narrative statement), which will then be reviewed by the i-Rec 2019 Scientific Committee. Deadline: April 15th, 2019

How your submissions will be reviewed: Each photograph will be reviewed based upon the follow criteria;

1)     General artist appeal of the image (i.e. quality/sharpness of image, composition and use of colour/B&W)

2)     Quality of the brief narrative statement (100 words); how the statement gets the message across and clear alignment to one or more of the i-Rec 2019 conference themes. 

Contact details:

For more information about this exhibition please contact:

Dr Lee Bosher, Loughborough University

Dr Ksenia Chmutina, Loughborough University

Dr Jason Von Meding, University of Florida